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If you require a nurse call or warden system for your business, let our experienced team based in the Northwest help.

Do you operate a nursing home, care home, or a business with disability requirements? Our systems are designed as a vital way to make sure your residents or customers can contact you quickly, should they require assistance.

  • Cost
    A nurse call system is a cost effective solution for making sure your patients’ requirements are met quickly.
  • Safety
    Our systems are designed to keep your residents safe. You can monitor their well being and respond to emergencies room by room.
  • Scalability
    Scalability is key as your company grows. We can start out small and increase the size of your nurse call system as and when you require.
  • Flexibility
    Our systems can be used within many different establishments. Whether you operate a care home, private hospital or a safety conscious environment, our system will give you peace of mind to react quickly.
  • Location Status
    When an alarm is raised you need to know where it originated. Our nurse call systems will inform you of exactly where to go to, no matter if you have 5 locations or 100.
  • Two-Way Communication
    We can install a nurse call that allows for two-way communication between your residents and staff.

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Nurse Call system
Depending on your business type and requirements, you may need to install contact points in communal areas, bedrooms and toilets, ensuring that your residents are always an arm’s reach away from contacting you or your staff.

Don’t worry about where you need to install a nurse call system, our experienced team can locate the safest areas.

The systems we install will help to save staff time, minimize patient disturbances and greatly improve the quality of care you can provide.

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