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10 Things To Consider When Installing CCTV

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Closed-Circuit Television plays a significant role  in every industry, and it’s not always to prevent crime. If you have recently invested in a new CCTV installation, or you are considered doing so, the below checklist is there to help you consider other issues with your system.


Have a good read through the checklist and make a note of each one. They are not listed in any particular order and all have equal importance.



  1. Make sure your video recorder is stored securely within a locked cabinet. There is no point having CCTV if a thief can remove recorded evidence.
  2. Properly asses the areas where a CCTV installation is required. The location of your cameras should at least be monitoring every location where a person can gain entry.
  3. Install ‘CCTV in Operation’ signs on the boundaries, and within your premises. These signs are a legal requirement to inform people they are being monitored. They also act as a deterrent to potential criminals.
  4. Inspect your equipment on a frequent basis. If your cameras are working fine, but your monitors are not providing a clear picture then the video feed is useless.
  5. Make sure your video recorder has the hard drive capacity to store up to 7  days worth of video.
  6. If you are continually downloading your CCTV footage onto DVDs or an external hard drive, make sure you keep these in a secure location, preferably off-site.
  7. Check the light levels of your camera locations. Light levels are measured in Lux. A location with a low lux number will need a camera that has low light recording capability.
  8. Ideally you should be using a monitor that can match the resolution of your cameras. This will give you the best quality images for live viewing.
  9. Consider hiring a company to maintain your CCTV system. Having your system inspected at least once per year will ensure optimal performance.
  10. If you need 24/7  CCTV monitoring there are many companies across the UK that can offer you this service. In the event of an emergency a monitoring centre can inform the key holder and the police quickly.


These points should help you to think about other considerations regarding your system. If you are considering a commercial CCTV installation, or need assistance with your current one, then please get in touch. We have a dedicated security team based in Morecambe, Lancashire that advises companies all over the Northwest.


Do you have any extra CCTV considerations or helpful tips? Please share them in the comments below.

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