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10 Quick Fire Safety Tips For Employees

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We understand that fire safety in the workplace can generally be a boring topic for most employees. We’ve all been there. You’re sat in a meeting room, watching a cheaply made video about how fires start and you think to yourself “that would never happen to me”. For some people this is true, but for others the event of a life threatening situation can become a harsh reality.


So in the hope of keeping you tuned in, I will keep this guide short and to the point. It will provide you with some quick tips that will help you to think about fire safety as a natural part of your day.


10 Quick Tips

1. Make sure to keep your space tidy. Clutter can become a fuel for fire and it can also hinder your escape.

2. Take a look around and locate your nearest call point, emergency exit and fire extinguisher.

3. Ask your boss for an up-to-date fire risk assessment plan. Have a look over it and understand where the high risk areas are in your building.

4. Take a look under your desk. If you see an overloaded electrical socket or extension, mention it to the person in charge of health and safety.

5. Make sure you power down your computer and any other equipment before you leave for the day.

6. If you see a fire door open, usually propped with an extinguisher or a shoe, make sure you close it.

7. If you use a wheelchair find out where your nearest disabled refuge point is.

8. Take a look at this chart and understand which extinguisher you might need to use one day.

9. In the event of a fire, raise the fire alarm. Only ever tackle a fire if it is small, you are in control, and you know which extinguisher to use. Never ever risk your life.

10. Read this list one more time and then share this page with your friends and colleagues.

As you can see from this list, thinking about fire safety needn’t be hard. If you’ve followed point No.10 then these quick tips should stay with you forever, and you’ve helped others to think about fire safety too.
Do you have any quick fire safety tips to share with others? If so then please leave them in the comments below.
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